Down on the 18-55 O.I.S.

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Re: Very happy with the 18-55 O.I.S.

sgoldswo wrote:

Erational wrote:

Pouring over MTF charts saying the Fuji 18-55 was the equal of the Fuji X 35mm F/1.4 at 35mm, I reluctantly bought a zoom over a prime. Many internet comments had said the zoom was the equal to the prime only loosing-out to the 35mm in low-light abilities. In those first 2 days I wondered why people were heaping praise for the X E-1 at all, the resolution I saw was nothing to write home about. I had seen far better qualities from Sony's NEX kit lens. My new Fuji zoom locked-up after 3 days on the camera and it was returned as defective. With a second Fuji 18-55, I shot with the camera on a tripod, OIS off, timer on. Again, resolution was sub-par to other APS-C cameras, although color was great and metering was superior. My thoughts started to turn to what camera make would replace my new Fuji X E-1.

Bringing the 2nd 18-55 was returned to a *very* patient retailer. This time I got the Fuji X 35mm F/1.4 . Wow. This is what people were talking/writing about ! Super resolution with great correction. Sorry I do not have comparison shots here of the same scene shot with the two different lenses. This is just my opinion.

So, for any tripod shooter out there just relying on the charts or who reads the laudatory reviews about the Fuji 18-55, keep in mind that the conventional wisdom still applies- a prime beats a zoom nearly every time.

Not sure what was wrong with your two copies, but mine (bought separately) is bitingly sharp for a kit zoom. The comment about kit zooms always being sharp above is just plain misrepresentative - many are sharp at a point in their range or stopped down. Not so many are bitingly sharp wide open and continue to be sharp until diffraction takes hold. Here is one from mine this week, handheld (and full size - feel free to pixel peep):

sgoldswo: You know these colors you got with your Fuji just make me want to gobble-up the picture- they are so tasty. I don't want to be a bummer, but this shot you uploaded just is not sharp. Look at page 1 of this thread with the classic car- that is at least getting close to sharp. The foal is gorgeous, but it's hair looks clumped into a fuzzy mass. Really sharp would mean you can discern some of the individual blades of grass near the horses nose. Are you sure you had the OIS on?

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