Sigma 15mm EX DG Fisheye. Is it wider than DA15mm?

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Re: Sigma 15mm EX DG Fisheye. Is it wider than DA15mm?

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Kyogle wrote:

I am wondering whether the Sigma 15mm EX DG Fisheye on my K-5 the image would be wider than if I were still using a DA15mm lens.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I must add that I have a Samyang 8mm but it is sometimes too wide

All fisheyes have a 180 degree AOV, so the 15mm will give the same as the 8mm. What differs between them is the apparent distance of things within the FOV and DOF at a given aperture

Before buying a different FE why don't you try de-fishing your 8mm shots.

but because it is smaller and lighter than the Sigma 8-16mm I use it more often simply because I'm more likely to have it with me. If I were younger I could carry everything, as some of you do, but at 74 I have to be more selective.

What else do you carry? Although I'd prefer something a bit lighter I cope with K-5, Sigma 8-16, DA35/2.8 and one longer lens (usually but not always DFA100/2.8) for a total weight of about 1850g. The Samyang 8mm weighs 435g against the Sigma 8-16's 555g: I'm suprised that saving 120g would make a worthwhile difference.

Hi Gerry, The Samyang is for crop sensors; the Sigma is a DG  full frame lens. Maybe I am wrong but wouldn't that make a big  difference if I were to use the Sigma on my K-5?

I carry K-5 + Sigma 17-70mm, Pentax 55-300mm (soon to be replaced by Sigma 18-250mm macro) and Samyang 8mm. It's not only the weight; it's the space. Also when I am out and about in Australia's heat I need to carry plenty of water.

Thanks for your comments.

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