Using the E-M5 for professional work...and a few images (long post)

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Using the E-M5 for professional work...and a few images (long post)

I just returned from shooting a week long conference in Orlando, Florida. This is the first large event I have photographed where I did not pack a single DSLR or DSLR lens. I took two E-M5 bodies with battery grips, the Pany 12-35mm & 35-100mm f/2.8 lenses, Oly 75-300mm, Olym 40-150mm, Oly 45mm, Oly 12-50mm, and the Bower (Samyang) 7.5mm fisheye. I also took three flashes (two FL-50's and an FL-600R), studio lights, backdrop, stands, etc.

I have to say that for the type of jobs that I shoot (primarily portraits and events), I cannot see any value in using a DSLR system. The results I got from my E-M5 set up were outstanding, my clients were thrilled with my work, and after hiking all over the huge Marriott World Center complex for a week, I can't imagine what I would feel like if I had been lugging a large, heavy DSLR set up around -- I'm officially spoiled.

During the course of the week I shot Board of Director portraits, a golf tournament, large general sessions with performers and speakers on stage, parties, very low light educational sessions, and a huge trade show. I shot at ISO's up to 6400, never had any AF issues, and the only negative I could possibly think of was frequent battery changes -- which wasn't an issue as I always had two fresh batteries in my pocket in a Think Tank battery pouch (I highly recommend this accessory).

I never heard a negative comment about the 'professional' appearance of my gear. In fact, the only discussions I had about the gear were with attendees who own DSLR's and were very interested in what I was shooting. After explaining the benefits of mirrorless/micro fourth thirds systems and showing them what the camera can do, they were very impressed.

One last thing was that I got to use the Digital Teleconverter (DTC) Function in conjunction with my fast Panasonic zooms and the results were better than my expectations. Since I had to give my clients a full set of DVD's at the end of the conference, and did not have the luxury of much post processing time, I shot Jpegs and did all cropping in-camera (which is why the DTC function comes in so handy for me).

Below are some of the images I captured, including some with the DTC and high ISO's.

God Bless,


A shot of the Marriott World Center using the Dramatic Tone Art Filter

Sunset over the Golf Course

An Acrobatic Dance Group performed in silhouette on stage

This group put on a visually amazing show.

Opening session key-note speaker. Shot @ ISO 2500, 75-300mm @ 300mm with the DTC function On

From my golf cart on the course. Using the Panasonc 35-100mm with the DTC function On

Shot coming down the escalator.

At the trade show. Panasonic 12-35mm

Commenter at a breakout session. Shot @ ISO 6400, Pany 35-100mm with DTC function On - Amazing!

Performers at the Chairman's Banquet. ISO 3200, Pany 35-100mm with DTC function On

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