Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: re: the 645 wide-angle lenses? e.g. 80mm

jpr2 wrote:

verybiglebowski wrote:

The problem with wider lenses is other way around. I can't use lenses wider than 90mm or so, because I can't focus them. I would need to get lens closer to the camera than the system allows me. (Notice please two things - 90mm on LF is wide angle if not UWA, and for the stitching, better results, because of less distortion are going to be obtained with a longer FL).

this makes me wonder - like for e.g. Mamiya Sekor 80/2.8 the role of this Fotodiox adapter is to give a twofold, rather obvious, functionality:

  • to secure the proper flange distance for MF 645 lenses;
  • and to provide enough shift for a digital back in E-mount to cover the whole 645 image circle;

however, unless I'm extremely mistaken, it doesn't turn a 645 80mm lens into a UWA, nor even into a WA - it will still be a 80mm lens with this adapter, no? Only after stitching a widening of FOV will be achievable.

No it doesn't. It is not a speed booster just a dumb adapter. You will always get the (almost) same FOV as if there will be original medium behind. You just have to stitch it from smaller crops.

Which brings a real question - would some much wider 645 lens, like Sekor 35/2.8 (an extreme of a truly wide FOV for 645 Mamiya) be more useful for stitching ultrawide panoramas?


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Probably yes. But there are WA solutions for LF too, including the one from Sinar and many DIY.

It's a simple mechanical problem, and I should be able to adjust my adapter to use it successfully with LF 65mm lenses i.e. (that's UWA for LF)

Using LF camera let you also shift (any) lens. If you need wider angle, just shift the lens, as you will do with TS-E 17 i.e. At each shift, you can take few crops by moving NEX behind.That is something you can't do with Fotodiox 645 (unless using tilt/shift lens)

There are also several lenses covering 10x8" format, that can be mounted on LF cameras.

For UWA and WA lenses on LF (and MF to certain extent) I would suggest using center filters. Otherwise, stitching might have some problems with light fall off.

But the real question is - what will you do with several GB image? Cropping?

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