Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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re: the 645 wide-angle lenses? e.g. 80mm

verybiglebowski wrote:

The problem with wider lenses is other way around. I can't use lenses wider than 90mm or so, because I can't focus them. I would need to get lens closer to the camera than the system allows me. (Notice please two things - 90mm on LF is wide angle if not UWA, and for the stitching, better results, because of less distortion are going to be obtained with a longer FL).

this makes me wonder - like for e.g. Mamiya Sekor 80/2.8 the role of this Fotodiox adapter is to give a twofold, rather obvious, functionality:

  • to secure the proper flange distance for MF 645 lenses;
  • and to provide enough shift for a digital back in E-mount to cover the whole 645 image circle;

however, unless I'm extremely mistaken, it doesn't turn a 645 80mm lens into a UWA, nor even into a WA - it will still be a 80mm lens with this adapter, no? Only after stitching a widening of FOV will be achievable.

Which brings a real question - would some much wider 645 lens, like Sekor 35/3.5 (an extreme of a truly wide FOV for 645 Mamiya) be more useful for stitching ultrawide panoramas than 80/90mm 645 glass?


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