Just Released...Canon EOS 7D Mark II Spec List

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Re: Just Released...Canon EOS 7D Mark II Spec List

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mailman88 wrote:

....from Canon Rumors

We received our first spec list for a Canon EOS 7D Mark II (we’re calling it that for now) from a known source in a while this weekend. Most people are now saying that this camera is probably being announced at the end of summer, with availability almost right away like the EOS 5D Mark III.

It was also mentioned that their could be as many as 3 prototype configurations of the camera out there, and this one of them.


  • 24.1mp APS-C Sensor
  • Dual DIGIC V
  • 10fps

These three are quite unconvincing, because they sound just like a fanboy wish-list (which is 'let's have my brand do spec it does but better and certainly better than the competition). First, we have the question whether Canon can and wants to make a 24MP APS-C sensor. It's been set at 18MP for a long time now, which doesn't fit with Canon's past history, so looks like there should be a reason to it. Either the engineers think 18MP is right, or else they have a technical limitation.

10FPS may well be tricky, because it would require a significanlty enhanced mech, unless they used the old 1D mech. Canon doesn't do new mechs very often, it pushes the old ones a bit, but I wonder if the started at 5FPS top-end APS-C mech can be pushed to 10.

  • 61 AF Points (I wonder if we’ll get red focus points in AIS?)

That would be the first time Canon has ever done such a thing. It's possible that their FF AF units won't even fit APS-C (they pushed the coverage as far out as they could, and possibly it goes beyond the 1.6x frame).

  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Build quality like 5D3

The 5D3 has build quality like a 7D, so that's a given, if there is a 7DII

Personally I think there will not be both a 70D and 7DII, they will reunify the line. The new camera will most likely be called the 7DIII and will be not a huge upgrade from the present, but sell around the $1200 price point instead of the $1800. There's only so much money kicking around at $2k per camera, doesn't make sense having two cameras in that price range.

If you recall, the 7D originally listed for $1,700.

Yes indeed.

Assuming there is a 7DII, it will be priced close to this. The 60D successor I would expect will be priced closer to the $1,200 price point, so $500 give or take is plenty of separation.

I don't think that it is enough 'separation', and $1700 isn't enough 'separation' from the 6D. It's not linear, you need a greater price differential in a range the higher you go, because the volumes are lower. So, for instance right at the top Canon used to have a $3000 gap between the $5k 1D and $8k 1Ds (before the 1D X split the difference). Then they had a $2.3k gap between the $5k 1D and $2.7k 5D, then a $1k gap between the $2.7k 5D and $1.7k 7D, then $600 to the $1.1k 60D.

The new range looks like the've stretched it out if anyththing. Now we have the $6.8k 1D X, $3.3k gap to the $3.5k 5DIII, then $1.4k gap to the $2.1k 6D. So the gaps are getting bigger, not smaller. At the same time the 650D is at $850, up $50 from the 600D. So. I'm thinking there's one space in there, not two.

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