E-M5, the IR demon.

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Re: It might look demonic, but not IR

kenw wrote:

al_in_philly wrote:

I'm looking at this image, and it isn't showing typical IR radiation patterns. The house windows ought to be glowing brighter than the brick, due to heat loss. You'll see this in any thermal imaging photograph of a home taken in the winter. The snow, which reflects sunlight ought to be darker than the fence which would be heated by the sun and thus warmer than something white.

You have a red filter which is blocking a high percentage of the shorter wavelengths of visible light, but you aren't really tapping into anything close to an exclusive infrared spectrum range. Sorry to be a party-pooper. Honest.

I don't think you are familiar with what people mean by IR photography. IR photography, going back to Kodak High Speed Infrared and all other emulsions along with all converted digital cameras sense IR radiation in the 1um to 750nm range.

Thanks for the clarification. I knew that these images looked like they were working in the near IR range, but didn't know that was what people were using the term "IR photography" to describe. It makes perfect sense, given the steps needed to delve even into short wavelength infrared. Although I'm now wonderring if many folks got through the effort to remove the IR mask from their sensors to stop attenuating longer IR wavelengths.

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