GH3 & 100/300 or Canon 7D 100-400L

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Re: GH3 & 100/300 or Canon 7D 100-400L

Rick Baumhauer wrote:

If you can live without BIF for a bit, I'd actually recommend selling the 7D and getting the 100-300 as a stop-gap. Live with that for the next few months and give Canon, Nikon, and Sony some time to refresh their lineups, then decide if there is a birding combo that makes more sense and fits your budget. The 7D is already more than 3 years old (and was never a great performer, honestly - I owned one for a couple years), the D300s about the same age. With how fast the rest of the market has been changing, there have to be major upgrades coming soon. If you can get out from under the 7D before the replacement is announced (and prices collapse), I'd lean that way.

This is what I am doing.  I will stick with my 100-300 for this year and by then Canon and Nikon will have completed their update of pro APSC bodies and long zooms.  Then I can decide what to do next.  I am not tied to any system and can make the switch if there is enough of an improvement for the increase in size.

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