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Re: X20 Portait picture

artofsnow wrote:

xchert wrote:

artofsnow wrote:

Thank you for the link.

First time I see this graph:

This basically means that we shouldn't expect any significant noise reduction compared to the X10 below 3200 ISO, right ?

Depends on whether or not the y-axis is logarithmic scale

Well dB is a logarithmic scale but what I basically meant was that @ 1600 ISO and below, Fuji (if the graph comes from them ?) seems to tell us that the noise is the same.

Doesn't it depend if the range "more" to "few" is 1 decade or 5 decades?  If it's several decades (tho' I guess it isn't) then even at 1600 the difference could be a factor of two and it would still look like this plot.  Regardless, I agree that this is all kind of silly, since no one in his/her right mind would care about the improvement at 12800 since it's still going to be ~unusable.

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