The new Samsung 50 - 200 mm III arrived - are there any questions?

Started Mar 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Samsung 50 - 200 mm - to get rid of the OIS

eilivk wrote:

Strange, text on the lens "50-200 OIS", but can't find any OIS switch. Only AF - MF switch and an iFn button that can be pressed down (what does it do?). So what lens could this be?

My mistake then; I had thought that all OIS lenses had a switch. The iFn button gives you quicker access to certain menu functions (described in the manual), but doesn't do anything you can't do from the camera menus. I haven't used the new version of the lens (I have the older 50-200). Maybe the iFn menu lets you turn OIS on and off...

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