SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

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Re: SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

Lacking any Zeiss 4/3 system lenses for a direct comparison, I find the Zuiko options better considered within the 4/3 format. Even though I have a number of legacy Zeiss lenses I occasionally use on 4/3 and µ4/3, none is as sharp as, say, the 150/2.0 or the 45/1.8. But those wouldn't do too well on a 135-format camera, either.

Having no experience with, say, NEX or M-mount Zeiss lenses, I can't say how those might fare compared against the best Zuikos. I suspect some of the Zeiss cine lenses would spank them, but lenses the price of a nice used car darn well should.



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