Canon 6D - only one card slot. Should I worry (Nikon user)?

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Re: Canon 6D - only one card slot. Should I worry (Nikon user)?

lordbeau wrote:

I am at a crossroads. Have used Nikon for a good few years but the QC issues have really been a problem. I now have just the D300s and could get the D7100. Let’s be honest – it sounds great. 24MP, dual cards and no anti-alias filter. Great AEB though pity about the RAW buffer.

However, I have had bad experiences with Nikon QC on both D700 and D7000 and several lenses. Do I buy Nikon D7100 and hope they now have their act together? I passed on D600 and D800 because of apparent problems with QC. Now Canon have poured oil on the flames by announcing quite a good cashback in the UK. I could get 6D and some nice lenses and flash and something for backup (maybe only a 60D but it’s not a bad camera). I would save a few hundred pounds against ebaying all my remaining Nikon gear.

One of the attractions of Nikon cameras is the dual card slots. I have never had a problem with a card though I have had cameras go down on me and start corrupting files.

Has anyone been really sorry that they just had one card slot in their camera?

Anyone regretted going from Nikon to buying Canon, perhaps a 6D?

I have always shot with two cards and mirrored up the shots on the cards.

Only once has it been worthwhile. I took a card out and it would not go back in, somehow the pins got bent.

It was only once but proved worthwhile.

The other problems I've had with corrupt files has always been during upload, so I like the idea of a backup if things happen. For me it could save an expensive re-shoot.

One reason I never bought a 5DII was because of the single card slot.

I always go for dual slots. It's a living for me so I get paranoid about back up. For fun I'm not so concerned.


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