How can I determine what a bad sector affects?

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Re: How can I determine what a bad sector affects?

skyglider wrote:

If the number of a bad sector on a spinner hard drive is known, is there any way to determine what is affected by the bad sector?

The sector number is in the form nnn,nnn,nnn, a 9 digit number. It is revealed when doing a full backup.

I'm not sure what backup you're using and what it's really reporting.

If the drive (firmware) knows about this bad sector, it's already been mapped out and isn't being used for data. I rather suspect this is the case or you would have seen an i/o error rather than this warning.

On the other hand, if it's really an in-use sector that is flaky, I guess there are some utilities that will show you what file sits on that sector but I don't have any specific recommendations.

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