Wide angle , fast lens for Sony alpha. Any suggestion ?

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William Porter
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Re: Wide angle , fast lens for Sony alpha. Any suggestion ?

peter42y wrote:

Does anyone in this forum has any suggestion for a wide 24 or 28 mm fast ( f2 ) , lens for alpha DSLR ?

Months ago I bought the dt 50 mm f1.8 ..., but I do not enjoy much the lens.

It is not wide enough. In order to get a shot I must be relatively far away from the subject.


From what you said, I'm guessing you're using an APS-C camera like the A55, A57, A65, A77, etc. (or maybe A580, 550, 500, 100, etc.).

On an APS-C sensor camera, 50mm is not a wide-angle lens, it's not even a "normal" field of view: it's a "near telephoto".

If you're looking for a lens with a normal (little bit wide, but not TOO wide) field of view for an APS-C camera, you will to get something like a 28, 30 or 35mm. There are inexpensive but remarkably good, fast lenses for the 30mm and 35mm focal lengths.

30mm lens at Sony store

35mm lens at Sony store

They're great bargains. I've owned 'em both.

On your camera (if I'm guessing right about what you have) 28mm will be "wide-ish" rather than "wide". The old Sony 28 f/2.8 is available used from KEH and elsewhere; at least that's where I got mine.


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