It's good I had OM-D and a $1000 macro lens...

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Re: It's good I had OM-D and a $1000 macro lens...

danijel973 wrote:

if ... you need to move the camera one or two milimeters back&forth in order to place the DoF exactly where you want it,

I don't move the camera back & forth to place the DoF exactly where I want it. The camera remains in the same position and I move the focus box (or for Pinpoint focus, the focus cross-hair) to where I want to place the DoF*. (This is similar incidentally to when I change the magnification/framing; the camera doesn't move - I change the amount of zoom.)

*Unless I'm using focus and compose. But the movement in that case is a rotation to get from the alignment on the desired focus point to the alignment for framing the shot. It is not a translation (back and forth).

what the %$%#$ do you need autofocus for?

So I can use a reliable, fast, accurate, predictable and repeatable operation to capture an image that is in focus, with the DoF placed exactly where I want it to be placed.

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