D600: AF settings and picture control

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Re: D600: AF settings and picture control

sthlm wrote:

I'm looking for ideas. I want to setup U1 for static and U2 for moving subjects.

How about better out of camera jpegs. Maybe a bit more vibrant and sharp.

  • AF-C for moving, how many points though? Why would I want less than the max of 39? Also, when would I ever use Auto or 3D?

  • AF-S for static or use AF-C regardless?

  • a1/2: Focus priority vs release? Should it be focus priority for static and release for moving?

  • a3: Focus tracking with lock-on. No clue. I have it on default normal but when would I want to change this or turn it off?

  • f4: Assign AL/AF button. AF-ON? This settings worked well for me on my old camera. As long as I can focus and recompose sometimes. With the limited viewfinder coverage focus/recompose might be necessary for static shots as long as my depth of field allows it.

  • What are you guys using for the Fn key? It's in such a weird place that I never use it.

I'm still figuring out my needs in this area also.

For more "pop" from JPGs you can use the "vivid" setting, but since your contrast and color saturation is pumped up, you have to be more careful not to blow out exposures.

For focus tracking with lock on...Turning it off seems perfect for PJ type work.  You want it to instantly focus on things that are at lots of different distances.  I would not turn it off if you are tracking something/someone in a sports type setting.  Mostly I've found in this area a good technique is more important than camera settings.  Tracking moving subjects just takes practice..

a1/2 focus priority- I have mine set on focus priority for both, but some people use release priority for AF-C to get the shot at the moment they choose, at the risk of imperfect focus.  If you are tracking the subject well your chances are better the AF got it right.

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