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Re: Why not use a video camera?

thank god for this post.. i have been trying to find out some info about omd video for months...

Well i have been testing video on my OMD for some months now and just started to trying to get used to Manual mode and taking in to account shutterspeed, manual ISO and manual whitebalance. But what bothers me the most is when i put it in to postpruduction.

I use premiere elements 10 and when i use Fine HD 720p it only reads 30 FPS. Now it says that its suposed to be around 60p (or 59.sumthing fps).

When i read about Fine HD720p online (for example here on dpr) it says 60p from a 30p sensor. Can someone explain this to me?

The thing is i whant to start using Twixtor to make realy slow mo videos and it recomends recording in 60p (60 fps) for good resoults, altho 30 fps is dooable. I know i need hig shutterspeed (around 1000) to do this but fps is realy important also.

You can search on Youtube for a example of a video maid using twixtor to see what i mean.

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