Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

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Re: Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

It is most certainly not BS, nor is it a "rumor." It's a fact that most zooms, esp. legacy ones, are not corrected for close-up work the way a true macro is! Now some people may be happy with the results they get from kit zooms, old (pseudo) "macro" zooms, etc. That's their right. But don't let people tell you that cheap old zooms are the best option. It all depends on how high your standards are, and how hard you want to work.

You can buy a legacy 50mm true macro for $50-100 which will blow away any zoom in terms of IQ, but only if you exercise care, like focusing carefully and using a monopod or tripod. You could buy a 100mm macro for $100 which would work better for insects and would not weigh anywhere near 40 oz., let alone "40 lb." (now that's BS for you).

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