Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: for 4x5" camera and lens owners, there is a cheaper solution...

verybiglebowski wrote:

pockets33433 wrote:

If the effective "format" is less than the 4x5 back b/c you do run out of real estate at the edges due to the above, I imagine there is a crop factor when using a 4x5 lens--how has that worked out? Can you use say a 135mm 4x5 lens or are you limited to wider angle lenses?

I never used a lens that will give me "less" than 4x5" projection. Maybe I got you wrong here. Of course there is a crop factor. The same crop factor allow you to do stitching (same on Fotodiox). System was designed to cover 4x5". Now you put an APS-C sensor instead. You can move either sensor, or lens to get more frames and stitch them together.

The problem with wider lenses is other way around. I can't use lenses wider than 90mm or so, because I can't focus them. I would need to get lens closer to the camera than the system allows me. (Notice please two things - 90mm on LF is wide angle if not UWA, and for the stitching, better results, because of less distortion are going to be obtained with a longer FL).

Thanks--I am now all of sudden interested in using the NEX with a 4x5 camera and potentially using this fotodiox device or something like your rig.

I was saying that I think with the Fotodiox device on a 4x5 camera, if you are only using the built in rear shift of the device (and not adjusting your shift and rise movements on your 4x5 camera), that the coverage is more like MF 645 (as that is what they advertise as the "virtual sensor" size--meaning how much you can shift the NEX sensor around--which makes sense as they designed for use with a MF lens).

So my thought was if I am using a 135mm LF lens but only able to get the NEX sensor to cover a 645 coverage area, then I have a large crop factor issue. In that case I was thinking I would need to use a wide angle LF lens so that the equivalent using this device would come out to something more "normal".

BUT I think it is probably the case that as with your rig, the Fotodiox actually has a "virtual sensor size" that is wider than advertised (as it appears you can shift the composition screen all the way over to the middle, meaning horizontal shift is not limited) but still would be limited on the vertical aspect to the 645 vertical coverage of approx 48mm (1.8 in). Plus you can use your camera's rise to get more vertical coverage.  Unless you can cover most of the 4x5 coverage area, I don't see the point of this, so that is my thinking.

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