Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

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Re: Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

Richie Beans wrote:

I've been in the process of testing all of my legacy lenses after getting my 5R last month. I own both the vivitar and minolta 35-70. The reason I bought the minolta unit is because the i felt the vivitar was junk by comparison (this was 30 years ago). I recommend brand-name glass, especially since the cost is so low.

I was skeptical that I could get sharpness out of legacy zooms but was very surprised at how my old zooms have performed. The focus peaking feature really breathes new life into these units.

As far as primes go... they are in fact sharper, period. But if you got a NEX for it's compact size, why would you lug around 40lbs of prime glass?

Additionally, regarding primes, there's a trade-off when you have to start cropping your shots to get your subject. Plus, your cropped (prime-shot) image bokeh doesn't hold a candle to a zoomed bokeh.

Richie, the Vivitar 70-210mm and Minolta 35-70mm are definitely good examples that zoom lenses can be of good quality, although my personal feeling is that the Minolta just is in a higher league than the Vivitar, either for sharpness, IQ or ease-of-use.

I do not understand your comment with regards to prime lenses. There are many good legacy macro lenses that certainly weigh less than a Vivitar 70-210mm ??? Even a heavy 105mm lense like the Kiron is lighter.

And when you speak of bokeh in macro photography I do not see your point with cropping and zoom lenses.

Would you mind further developing your arguments ?


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