Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

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Re: Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

ConanFuji wrote:

barb_s wrote:

OK Ruth, you've just convinced me to do more!

My next scheduled challenge now has this rule. It was just added specifically because you opened this thread pointing out some regulars that should find the time to vote too. Thanks. We'll see how many I end up DQ'ing.

"RULE 2: No entry allowed unless your profile shows that you have at least 500 votes cast. So, if you want to enter this challenge, check your stats, and do a little voting first. It won't be too hard to get to 500 if you vote on a few open challenges right now."

My message to barb today. Like the old saying goes, 'There's more than one way to skin a cat.'

'Dear barb,

I was looking at your bird challenge and I REALISED how much this challenge indirectly helped encourage voting on the rest of the other challenges. I would like to applaud you for it.

I guess Ruth has the same idea, except that I don't agree with what appears to be her lynching (excuse me, but i really can't find a more friendly word to describe it) ten entrants online, is encouraging anything but scorn.

So here's a BIG thanks to you!'

Hmmm.... I'm surprised to find my message on page 2 out of 4 even through it is the latest post.

I guess dpreview decided Picturist's post is bad press and decided to delete 40 over ensuing messages on this thread.  We should all welcome Simon and his team back from from their 6 month long Christmas holiday ... sucking margaritas on a beach in Tahiti, while writing reviews on their Amazon sponsored Kindle Fire pads.

Perhaps they can start working on making the website COMPATIBLE  WITH THE IOS, which they sorta promised three years ago.

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