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McKie wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Live view left sensor 14mm at f2.8

A question - why do you think Nikon caution using a symmetrical pattern autofocus target can cause focus issues using phase detect autofocus (D800 page 100) - and rely on this type of target to test phase detect AF?

Liveview uses a different autofocus system which works well with some types of subject where phase detect may be inaccurate, and vice versa

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Leonard Shepherd
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Hi Leonard,

I didn't post the pictures but if I had you would have seen that the viewfinder's right AF sensor was as accurate as the live view in my tests. I got sharp photos of the test charts using the viewfinder's centre and right AF sensors. To me that shows there is something up with the left AF - the right can handle it but the left can't - why would that be? Is there any obvious reason (apart from the fact that the camera's sensor has a problem) why it should work on the right and not on the left with exactly the same chart? It seems to me that you are missing the obvious and looking for something that's not there.

Also, have a look at the thread on real life shots with the problem AF - I've posted some real life examples. So for me, it doesn't work in real life and it doesn't work on charts. There's a problem which I've never had with any other Nikon autofocus system. I've been sold a duff and it cost me £2400 and I want it sorted.


Why the left AF fails when centre & right nail it , I've asked Leonard that several times I'd love to hear his answer its a pity he always disappears  from a thread when the questions get hard.

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