Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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So you are one of those who can only compare a mirror-less camera to a full frame DSLR, nothing else. I guess, the point then would be... have APS-C DSLRs been already defeated that mirror-less ought to be only compared to full frame cameras?

No, the discussion has been about ultra-fast wide angle lenses. To have any chance of making real comparisons across formats, we need to think in terms of equivalent field of views and apertures(otherwise compacts with ultra-ultra-wide angles kill everything we're discussing).

Why? Is it a religion to believe that mirror-less must follow smaller format? Why are you having trouble avoiding APS-C/DSLR to APS-C/Mirror-less comparison?

You seem to be missing my point. There's no use discussing lens size if you are going to ignore non-equivalent field of views and apertures.

When you can figure out that it is okay to compare APS-C mirror-less to APS-C DSLRs, rather than running away from it. Real world options help make these discussions meaningful.

Yes, real world helps these discussions which I why I'm using full frame DSLR prime lenses that exist rather than attempting to compare APS-C mirrorless prime lenses to APS-C DSLR prime lenses that do not exist. There are some APS-C zooms to use in these comparisons but generally speaking, when you start to account for equivalent apertures, full frame DSLR lenses compare more favorably. Yes, I have no problems admitting that APS-C DSLR lenses lose to mirrorless APS-C lenses frequently when there are comparable lenses to evaluate. But the latter loses to full frame DSLR lenses when you compare true equivalents.

APS-C has a lot of the same issues as current mirrorless cameras in that for an equivalent lens, the system isn't any smaller. It's only smaller when you live with smaller apertures. My 24-120/4 zoom lens would need to be a 16-80/2.8 lens on DX.

Why? And that is not unique to mirror-less world (APS-C sensor is independent of whether the camera body can be mirrored or mirror-less).

Can you repeat the question? I'm not sure about what you are asking "why" here.

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