Beware Ken Rockwell's "reviews" of the X-E1 and new lenses

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Re: Beware Ken Rockwell's "reviews" of the X-E1 and new lenses

ken rockwell wrote:

Guys - those pages were just placeholders back then, clearly marked UNDER CONSTRUCTION - DO NOT READ - NE PAS LISEZ. If you read them, you were in violation of Internet laws, which vary by jurisdiction.

I have to be harsh here because BS artists are a big problem on the net:

If you are the Ken Rockwell from that site, and if believe that which you wrote above, then you're even stupider than I thought. That impression of 'stupid' I got from just reading 1 post about tripods which showed me already that Ken Rockwell is a BS artist who steers people who don't know enough about photography in the wrong direction.

Photo-Wiz wrote:

> Why even check his site. The moment a new camera is announced and before

> anybody has a production model, he posts his review based solely on the

> published specs.

> I enjoy Ken's site. But this is the one thing I wish he would STOP doing. It tears at

> his credibility. I wish he would realize that.

Someone who writes reviews based on specs deserves no credibility. And to those who realise that he does this he thus has none.

Tom Schum wrote:

> Regardless of how well or poorly Ken is handling this family of products, the main thing is that HE LIKES EVERYTHING and lots of people pay attention.

Someone who likes everything gives no good advice on potential issues. Not everyone's needs are the same, so a personal like or dislike for some products is natural, along with giving plus and minus points of a product for others so they can see if the product is good for them.

A reviewer who likes everything is not a reviewer but someone who wants to get a cut of all sales which is almost certainly what goes on (sales via links getting a commision, or advertising per page views, etc.)

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