Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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APS is going to have a tough time.   The image circle for APS is way too big to make high quality small lenses (as small as M43 lenses), and as may articles have pointed out the cost of manufacturing a sensor grows exponentially with size.  And of course, as DPR pointed out, there is no significant difference in IQ between APS and M43 sensors (you need to go FF for that).

So what does this mean?  M43 cameras are cheaper to make, will always have more portable lenses, and there is no significant difference in IQ.   You could same the same for the Nikon 1, except for that last part.

Of course M43 has a large head start and will always have more backing because it is not proprietary like the others.  Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Pentax will NEVER let someone make camera bodies for their systems, while we have already started to see Chinese manufactures planning to make M43 bodies using names like “Kodak” while others like Black Magic have adopted the M43 mount too.

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