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Re: nozzle check Epson 3880

AusPic wrote:

Test equipment - a set of scales measuring in grams, an OEM cart, and the carts installed in my printer

You would need a device that is acurate to at least ±0.005g to do any reasonable calculation. The Epson Print Watcher produces a log of ink usuage by color and gathers data to the nearest 0.01 ml, and a millilitre of ink should be very close to 0.01g. Do you run the 3880 Print Watcher?

In addition there is NO value in printing a manual nozzle check, as it can give you a print out from the residual ink in the print head, does not mean the print head is functioning as required...Auto prints a better test pattern that puts some flow through the nozzles and gives a better indication of print heads actual health after a rest in drying conditions.

I think you misunderstand how a piezo nozzle print head works. For a manual nozzle check, every nozzle fires, albeit very briefly. It may not be enough to keep a print head running on a machine like the 4900, which is more prone to clogging, but it is sufficient to fire and test all 1440 nozzles (180 for each color).

Brian A

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