Background on Eagle shots

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Re: Background on Eagle shots

"My question is: Is there any better settings I should consider when shooting these kind of conditions? I am pretty new (6 months) into having an SLR, and I have been experimenting with different settings."

You're pretty much screwed....

However, there's no reason you can't let your imagination run wild. The head shots are a good starting point for some serious creativity with PS. You can download a huge variety of sky backgrounds from the internet and go absolutely nuts cutting and pasting your eagles onto them. At first, they'll look utterly fake. But, it'll force you into learning something about creating art, as opposed to just taking snapshots of art. Go through the PS tips and tricks website, and find an effect you like and simply follow the directions. You'd be stunned by what you can do with your photos.

Otherwise, you're relegated to mildly interesting, and thoroughly uncompelling bird shots.

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