Down on the 18-55 O.I.S.

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Re: Down on the 18-55 O.I.S.

Erational wrote:

Deed, it's obvious my Fuji 18-55 shots of the eagle are not nearly as sharp as your shots of the classic car. One of the eagle shots even uses a tripod, if I recall correctly. I had forgotten that Photozone had gotten a bad copy of the Fuji 18-55mm, glad you brought that up. It's just odd I would get two lemons in a row, perhaps it was a bad batch sent to the store. Personally, I find it alarming the swaths of PF/CA/blue hue represented in my eagle photos and I am surprised no-one has commented on that.

It is odd that you got a bad copy twice but it happens, could have that box of lenses got banged badly somewhere along the line. Anyway, for most of us the lens is excellent. I have owned the Nikon 17-55 f/2.8 and the Nikon 16-85 VR, both were excellent but my fuji zoom is noticably sharper, even wide open.

Anyway, if you are happy with your 35mm prime that's great. It excels at a different use, sharp, shallow DOF photogaphy.  Different lenses ha compliment each other nicely. For myself, i like a zoo since landscape, mostly stopped down and properly famed with zoom, fits my need

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