Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: Few samples that might help to better understand...

Glenn wrote:

I see so this unit mounts the NEX without a lens attached so the only lens in the system is the one on the front standard?

This is making a lot more sense now., I guess I was mislead but the fhotodiox picture of their adapter which doesn't have a bellows that I can see, and that's the whole unit with just a MF lens attached and no bellows... so you loose all the capability the bellows offers

Basically yes. But Fotodiox works the same way, just that as I already wrote, MF lenses usually have focusing shells, and thus can be focused on the lens. LF lenses are focused with the bellows, but that allow also all kind of movements. Compromises as usual...

When you look at Fotodiox, they basically used the same mount-plate and added another one for the vertical movement. They make it bigger and in a slider design, with some kind of framing glass. And with a slightly bitter price

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