Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: for 4x5" camera and lens owners, there is a cheaper solution...

Glenn wrote:

I see. but what would the differences if I used a gigapan ... (robot mount I guess you could call it) to shoot long focal length portions of an scene and then stitch them? I was assuming that because of the movable front and rear standards and the ability to tilt you could get the whole image composed exactly right then shoot all the pieces with the nex fitted on the film plane instead of shooting all the pieces from basically what amounts to a gumball then having to correct the distortions later? is this right?

Take a look at my recent post bellow in the thread, it might be slightly more clear. I am on the run all day, so can't spend enough time to prepare my posts well.

LF solution is very much the same as Fotodiox and different than pano systems (including fancy Gigapan). Your assumption is correct. Medium Format or Large format lens is projecting much larger circle than i.e. APS-C designed lens. Therefore, mounting such a lens in front of an APS-C camera, allow you (with adapter solution) to move the camera (sensor) inside this circle and record all its parts separately. You can stitch those images later in post, having no problems with parallax errors and perspective, unlike with a traditional pano method.

With LF you can however use all movements, including tilting of the focus plane. You might even combine movement of the lens in front, with movement of the sensor behind, covering even larger area, without parallax errors. Tilting is great for product photography i.e. (but not for stitching of course).

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