Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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Re: Mirrorless cameras part 2.

Richard wrote:

Mjankor wrote:


I've never seen the purple flare issue.

Others have and have posted, It is an issue.

An issue of which I'm certain you are most knowledgeable about? I don't think so. If you consider that quirk to be an example of a terrible quality, then I presume you would also consider that the banding often found in Canons, or the oily sensors of Nikon are also examples of terrible quality?

Lower IQ and not as good of design but not terrible. I understand there are limits but banding is part of poor design. But the purple goes far beyond banding, Banding cannot be seen in most 8x10. You most definately see the purple artifact.

I bet you don't. Do you know why? Because you have no interest in assessing these things objectively. You only want "your side" to win.

Would I rather deal with banding (which not every camera has it) or purple blobs in the middle of the photography. I will take banding any day of the week. I would prefer dust spots on the sensor (some cameras are more prone to this and are also of poor design or at least quality control. The purple artifact is on the order of blooming and streaking I have seen in some point and shoots.

Dunno what you mean about lens view or live view as the OM-D also has EVF+LCD.

Sorry, that is not the same as looking through the lens.

I've used both OVF and EVF. I prefer the EVF slightly, but both are fine. Not sure exactly what magic you think the OVF provides.

OVF offers higher resolution. It is not the same.

Its not the same. It is why I either prefer my own eyes, and use a choice between EVF (for information) and the convenience of articulating and equally fast LiveView to compose and photograph.

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