The new Samsung 50 - 200 mm III arrived - are there any questions?

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Re: The new Samsung 50 - 200 mm III arrived - are there any questions?

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what's it like at 200mm? my mk1 is a bit rubbish at that fl.

Wondering about that too. Do not use it handheld past 150mm. Otherwise it's fine. But a bit heavy. Weight of the new one? (difficult to find).

It is more easy to find, if You use the "Flat view" in the forum and look at the already written posts:

402 g (14.2 oz) and Your lens?

Really dont know the weight, it does not look like the Samsung D-Xenon 50-200 F4-5.6 ED, not got rubber "knots" but "lines", and got an af/mf switch and letters iFn...

A bit problems with softness to the right side I think, did not notice at first, switched from OIS 1 to 2, did not help. Maybe turn off stabilization, if I find out where to do it...

OIS system means moving piece of glass inside so sometimes quality is worse.

Mostly i have OIS switched off and prefer short shutter time, but OK sometimes OIS is needed.

It can be that you got not perfect lens, it happens as Viking wrote.

I use version II and my is OK but in general I think my 18-55 set to @50 mm is sharper than 50-200 in the same FL and the geometry differs too.

I like 50-200 for nice bokeh - resolution is not first thing for me because on screen is good enough.

Bokeh and DR we cen see in every picture size.

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