d600 + 35mm 1.4 + 85mm 1.8g. So far so good

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Re: d600 + 35mm 1.4 + 85mm 1.8g. So far so good

DonSantos wrote:

I've completed my kit just last week when I received my 35mm 1.4

Here are some quick thoughts.

d600 low iso noise is amazing. Wow I don't think I ever need better iso. It handles indoor low light so well especially with the sigma 35mm 1.4

sigma 35mm 1.4 is quite an incredible lens. It does everything I'm looking for. My images look 3d and have a huge pop whatever I shoot. Also very fast focusing and can get very close. The best thing I feel it's chromatic aberration control. I don't ever see LoCa. That is quite impressive.

Sample image of my daughter

85mm 1.8g.

Compared to the sigma 35mm I'm a little disappointed. Sharpness wide open is really good but the chromatic aberration is much more present. I'm not getting the same "warmth" and "pop" that my sigma 35mm 1.4 is getting. It's a good lens but somehow I feel it's a bit "sterile". Focus is slower and a little bit more indecisive and I wish it focused a little closer. For 400$ it's good for the value but I feel something is lacking. Hopefully sigma will redo their 85mm 1.4 in the "Art" series.

Dust/oil issue:

I've tested it often and I see a few dots on the upper left corner at f16. Nothing big. When I use my rocket blower it seems to move the dust around. I have about 1500 actuations so far. I usually shoot from 1.4 to 2.8 so I don't think the dust will affect me.

Nice picture!  That Sigma looks like a great lens. Talking about the 85 1.8g I can back up what you are saying.  The lens is sharp as a tack but I could get that pop out of my images either.  I bought it for my portrait work and I couldn't see any difference between it and my 70-200 vr2.  I ended up buying the 85 1.4g and I can tell you that lens pops!  Sharpness is nearly identical but overall image quality is better for sure.  It really is hard to explain but the color are more vibrant and the contrast is better.  It also renders images with more warmth which I prefer for portraits.

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