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Re: Zooms are about flexibility

alatchin wrote:

esco wrote:

In a nutshell that's really the whole point when it comes to shooting with zooms and a bright fixed aperture lens offers the ultimate in flexibility.

But your premise misses what Stacey is saying, and that is, "if" it were simply a choice to limit the wide end to leave a constant aperture lens, say for market differentiation purposes, or to hide worse performance, then we are actually losing flexibility.

I can take the 12-60 and set it to f4, but in a pinch I can use it at 12mm f2.8... My 50-200 can be set to f3.5 and it will behave as any CA zoom, but again in a pinch I can use the 50mm f2.8

Alas this is hypothetical as we dont really know why the choice isnt there, but personally I am glad the 50-200 isnt an f3.5 lens, I am glad the 14-54 isnt a fixed 3.5 lens... etc.

Reading this thread, I find it mind-boggling how many responders miss Stacey's main point, and focus on simple "VA vs CA." It's like as soon as folks see some trigger words, they don't read the rest and immediately react on those words.

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