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VirtualMirage wrote:

While I enjoy my A77 and I plan to keep it for a while, I still look forward to the possibilities of what will be improved in the newer versions. I'm not expecting any kind of miracle worker, just some fairly realistic expectations based on current technology. Here is my wish list of improvements or changes over the current A77:

  • 24MP sensor with on chip phase detection AF assist points.
  • Improved AF sensor. Not necessarily a whole new design, just typical improvements expected the existing sensor design. (ie, improved low light, responsiveness, etc.).
  • AF-D and AF Range capabilities.
  • .6 to 1 stop of improvement in noise throughout the ISO range (similar to the D5200 and expected D7100).
  • 1 to 1.5 stop increase in overall dynamic range throughout the ISO range (again, similar to the D5200 and expected D7100).
  • No AA/OLPF filter.
  • Larger buffer, offering up to 20 continuous RAW+JPEG shots to be taken in the fastest burst mode. This would be around a 45-70% improvement over the A77, which currently chokes at around 12-14 shots.
  • 14-bit RAWs (in both single shot and continuous mode).
  • Faster processor (to prevent the 14-bit RAWs and other features from choking the camera).
  • Burst mode speed of 10-12fps (this might be a 12-bit only option if shooting RAW or RAW+JPEG).
  • Shooting speeds of 3, 5, and 8fps (vs the current 3 and 8fps). I miss the 5fps mode of my A700.
  • Video mode with an option of no crop when image stabilization is turned off. (like the A99).
  • Backlit buttons that light up when you price the backlight button near the top LCD.
  • Mode dial with lock capability.
  • Relocate the Memory Recall options to separate dial options.
  • Improved OLED EVF.
  • Improved rear LCD (similar to the one on the A99, the RGBW screen).
  • More color options to choose from for focus peaking. Blue or green would be nice options over the current white, yellow, or red.
  • Ability to shoot RAW+JPEG when using features such as HDR or Picture Effects. Original untouched photo will be RAW and the modified picture would be the JPEG.
  • Ability to choose JPEG quality when shooting RAW+JPEG.
  • Allow the Fn overlay menu to rotate when viewing it vertically (ie, when using the vertical grip).
  • Built in intervalometer (similar to how the NEX-6 has one as an optional app).
  • An option to manually set the shutter speed past the 30 second mark, up to as long as 2 minutes, without the need to go to bulb mode. (useful if intervalometer feature was available). This will prevent exposures longer than 30 seconds from occurring by accident when using the camera normally but will allow it for those special situations.
  • Ability to add expanded ISOs into the Auto ISO range.
  • Add the silent control dial from the A99.
  • Ability to tether.

The body size should be around the same size as the A77, using the same materials (magnesium allow for most of the body, etc.). Since I find the A77 and A99 bodies of great design, size, and weight, I wouldn't recommend straying to far away from that.

While not necessary, I wouldn't complain if it had Wi-fi capability or dual SD/SDHC/SDXC slots. But with as much in new features and improvements I would like to see in the camera, I would put those two low on my list so as to keep more important features in and to keep the price in check.

My expected price range for a camera like this would be around the $1100-$1500 mark for the body only. The D7100 and A77 are currently going for $1100 and the 7D is going for between $1250 and $1500. The A77 when first released was $1300 for the body.

If most of these features in my wish list are able to make into the next iteration of the A7# series while keeping the price in check, then I would be tempted to put my A77 up for sale to upgrade. Otherwise, the A77 will remain in my kit. It is still keeping me happy and is more than capable to get the job done.

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YES! What he said! If so... I'll sell my A77 in a heartbeat and buy the A78 as a prefect combi with the A99.

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