Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Few samples that might help to better understand...

I made a very brief test, that might help you to better understand, how that works. It is very clear to me, probably because I had been using it with Canon few years already.

Here is camera with NEX on the tripod

To frame your subject, you simply replace back plate with the camera with a ground glass

Now, you can use this to move horizontally

Or you can use the mount plate itself.

and this to move vertically.

(If you rotate back mount plate with camera 90°, you can use it for vertical movement too.)

At this popint you have all that Fotodiox can offer.

However with this setup, you can do much more... Move the lens on the front standard, instead of the sensor backward, use tilt functions of the rig to move focus plane. Combine all movements as you like.

This was a testing subject (sorry its OOF). Distance is about 4m, lens FL on NEX is approx. 75mm.

Lens used for LF from the same position is 210mm.

Nex is at back now. You can easily rotate it vertically or leave it in a landscape mode as it is here.

To cover full composition I made 48 shots. (Should be possible with 16, I made huge overlaps).

Single shots look like this

Here is their respective approximate position within composition

As you can see, there is no color shift or corner smearing at all.

I had vignetting at the extreme positions, but It is because of the adapter itself, not the lens or the rig. It appears on the inner side instead of the outer. It should be possible to fully eliminate it.

(Vignetting should be expected on the left side, but it appeared on the right - adapter problem. Because of overlaps, it shouldn't matter anyway)

My computer now is to slow to stitch 48 shots, but expect huge file with tons of resolution. The whole process took about 2 min. for 48 shots. Set-up takes longer however.

Hope it helps.

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