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I was wondering if you have tips for taking pictures of a tiny newborn with the X100. I find that I have to use the macro mode all the time and leave the aperture wide open. I also tend to use the Velvia and Soft film modes more often. Shutter speeds are usually 1/30, 1/60 or 1/125 and ISO usually about 800 or 1600. The pictures I get are nice, but I'd like to improve. I tend to get many blurry pictures as the baby moves, and quite a few OOF deletes as well. Perhaps its me or this camera is not the best tool for the job. For reference, I also have a Nikon DSLR with a few primes and zooms..


Also have X100 and small kid.

For capturing children with X100, I found the following to work best :

- Auto ISO 3200 with min shutter speed 1/125. 1/125 is really the minimum to avoid motion blur and ISO 3200 is still very very useable.

- Auto DR and Auto WB : works great 99% of the time

- In bright daylight : Astia for its wonderful skin tones and contrast. Colors 0, Highlights -1, Shadows 0, Sharpening +1, NR 0

- In low / artificial light : Provia for the best dynamic range, but enhancing "pop" with following settings : Colors, +2 , Highlights +1, Shadows +1, Sharpening +1, NR -1

- B&W (all situations) : BW+Green (for better skin tones). I like my B&W quite contrasty so settings : Highlights +2, Shadows +2, Sharpening +1, NR -1

- Avoid getting closer than 30-40cm to prevent : distortion, need to put macro mode ON and because at F2 the DoF would be too shallow (maybe why most of your photos look OOF ?).

Hope this helps, and curious to hear from other experience / advices.


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What do you mean by giving numbers + and - to the colour, highlights, shadows etc. My parameters have descriptions high, medium, standard etc. Are you assuming that the middle description is 0?

Indeed it is just a lazy way to write it : High = +2, medium high = +1, medium = 0, medium low = -1, low = -2

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