D800E - who needs TC's or long telephotos? ;-)

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Re: Handholding

Hi Lance,

Excellant images as usual.  You have a great talent, especially able to handhold a 300mm lens with a tc 1.4EII at 1/200 which is less than 1/2 the focal length on a static subject.  I can't do that ha ha!!!  I would certainly not recommend for most people to do that because most would turn up with not so sharp images.

A little off the subject, but I am including an image of a Bushtit bird we have here in Oregon which is only 4" in length and does not hold still.  Its actually the second smallest bird here, the hummer is the smallest bird we have.  I took the attached image with my d4 with the Nikon 500mm f4.0 lens + a tc 1.4EII.  The image is cropped around 23% lineal and I think this shows that the 500mm lens with the tc 1.4EII can take excellant sharp images of very small birds.  I use the tc 1.7EII with the Nikon 500mm lens also for small birds and it does well.  I of course can't crop as much with the d4 as you can with the d800E, but as seen by my attached image, the d4 has excellant resolution if I keep the cropping to fairly small amounts.



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