Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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Re: Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

Just asking.  They are everywhere and stealing the Pro business.

I've read this thread right through before commenting.
I am a so called weekend warrior. A part time wedding photographer working towards being full time. I shoot for myself but I also shoot freelance for two fairly large studios in my metropolitan area. Combined I probably shoot 25 weddings a year, about 8 engagement shoots, some real estate, and some of my past customers have hired me to do corporate head shot work (compared to weddings.... so relaxed and easy!). My day job is medical equipment sales. As I said my aim is to be full time but with family and mortgage commitments I have to tread slowly, cautiously and deliberately.

Market saturation is not unique to the photographic world. In every industry there is consolidation and undercutting. Hyundai is a very quick example. They are the bane of the automotive world with their cars clearly inspired by competive cars while offering them tens of thousands of dollars less. Yet people still buy Infiniti G coupes. Walmart sells jewllery, yet Tiffany's still maintains high priced rent. Volkswagen has the same engine found in an Audi. And further on the automotive point; there are far more A4's or BMW 3 series sold than there are A8's or 7 series.

What I think people are seeing is the top end of the photo market getting smaller. It doesn't bother me. It elevates my game, inspires me to get better a truly separate myself from the MWAC and even established wedding photographers. I've seen the work of some very experienced wedding photographers that I think are just boring images. I'm no Ryan Brenizer, but as styles change, those set in their ways, style wise, stay behind and blame the soccer moms with under cutting. There is room for the low priced photog's out there. I'm glad they are there. They show the informed client that you get what you pay for. That talent and experience has a price. For those photog's that have the drive and hunger to push creative limits, their continual talent and vision will secure them clients who recognize it.

I don't haggle much. I'm after the Tiffany's crowd not the Walmart crowd. I put an introductory price on my website and the people who are serious contact me. It's those clients that I am patient for. I want them referring me to their Tiffany's friends, not the Walmart client referring them to friends because I was a "good deal". In the last two years I have upped my price and taken away more things from the base package. I would still prefer to see my pics printed in an album but this is the Facebook generation where albums don't matter as much to them. And where I can create slide shows formatted to fit their iPhone.

Above all, read the book "Who stole my cheese". Those that do the same expecting a different outcome are doomed to fail. *cough* Kodak *cough, cough*.

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