It's good I had OM-D and a $1000 macro lens...

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Re: It's good I had OM-D and a $1000 macro lens...

NZ Scott wrote:

Do you use the Marumi DHG 200? Before I bought the 60/2.8 I used one on the 40-150 ED and found that it was surprisingly good:

No; I bought my achromats before I came across the Marumi lenses, so I've never tried them. In order of increasing power I use the Canon 500D, Raynox 150, Raynox 250 and (occasionally) the Raynox MSN-202. At the moment I use them on the much maligned 45-175X on a G3, and before that on the 45-200 kit lens, and before that (apart from the MSN-202 which I bought more recently) on Canon bridge cameras, SX10 and before that S3.

This link has some examples in a response to another thread by danijel973, in that case stating that AF is "not really useful" for macro and "useless" for bugs. (All the images in the linked post, and in this one, used AF.)

For those who don't like following links, here are a few more. Basically I agree with the implication of the OP that you can get quite nice results with relatively inexpensive equipment.

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