What is the maximum ISO you're comfortable shooting (and what camera)?

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Re: It depends

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Sammy Yousef wrote:

That photo is quite impressive. I probably would have traded 2 shots of ISO for 2 shots of shutter, but it doesn't change the fact that the photo - at least at the size you displayed - is quite visually appealing.

Possibly so. I was in a touristy place taking a lot of images with my 24-105.

My general policy, when I am shooting AV mode as I was then, is to keep my shutter speed at 2-3 times my focal length (which was 67 in this image) so I could have shot this a little slower (and with a somewhat lower ISO). But 2 stops slower would have put me at 1/60 and my hands are probably not steady enough for that.

Have you tried "da grip" ala Joe McNally?

I think he overstates/over-dramatises a little, but there's no doubt this works. I find I can shoot comfortably at 1/focal length most of the time...but I do now use VR for 70 and up (70-300VR).


The only thing is of course it doesn't limit subject motion. Don't try shooting an F-18 on fast pass at 1/200th and wonder why it's not crisp.

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