Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

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Re: too funny

tko wrote:

Amazing how many people are interested in playing a useless game.

The full size images are 900X600. Smaller than the 1st digital camera ever made. You're viewing them on the web. Color balance depends on the camera settings and monitor calibration. We're not even talking about features or high ISO or lens selection or controls or boot up time or focusing. Oh yeah. The crops are from different sections of the photo. How can you compare? No real shadows or highlights. A mix of indoor and outdoor lighting. Probably the worst comparison image ever.

Why not toss in a few cell phone photos for comparison w/o telling anyone? That would have made it more fun, would be interesting to see how many picked the cell phone?

But people here are immediately seeing this as a valuable information. What I say is that an X100 user is thinking of this as serious comparison, maybe they're spending way too much on their camera.

You should also tell us what percentage correctly picked the Canon, whether they got the Fujis right or not. If a substantial portion of knowledgeable photographers can't tell the difference in output between a piece of elegant $1,300 jewellery and a massive industrial tool worth $5,000 -- then that is valuable information indeed.

Well done, Brian.

Valid points indeed!! I guess the OP's main goal is to get more hits to his website...

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