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Re: Lloyd Chambers conclusions

olimpero wrote:

today analysis in his web:


The sharpness is superb, the color rendition is rich, and the bokeh is pleasing. Few if any point and shoot cameras could deliver this quality. It really is DSLR image quality in the 24-36 megapixel range when th clarity of detail is considered, especially color detail. This kind of per-pixel detail should print exceptionally well.

There is no sign at all of bothersome lens issues such as chromatic aberrations. The lens appears to be first rate, even when focused at near macro range."

I really think it's a given (to me and several anyway) that the Foveon will resolve in that range he mentioned (well, around 30 in general). This of course in good light.

The lens is good.

My main concern with recent X3 is all the color constancy issues that seem to show up when you have some subtle shades of grey or just something going towards grey. Others, high iso issue like just straight noise and now banding.  These are non issues for those who don't need those iso's though.

My friend's dp3m seems to be doing better than I was expecting in this particular area, which makes me wonder if more recent X3 sensors are being built better or the firmware in the dp3m has been tweaked or circuitry changed in such a way that it helps avoiding some signal imperfections.

But to say that i would have to see more shot sin a variety of conditions.

To compare the DP2M (or big sensored cameras ) in Point and Shoot terms and then be surprised that they do much better is a bit of a "duh" to me

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