Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: for 4x5" camera and lens owners, there is a cheaper solution...

pockets33433 wrote:


Regarding your movable adapter for your 4x5 back that uses the same principle as this new device, can i ask a bunch of questions:

At the end of the next week, I will have a bit more time and will try the adapter to be able to answer your questions. I never used for stitching images, I used it mainly on Canon 5D MII for product photography.

How far you can shift the back horizontally using your NEX-7 before the angle becomes to extreme and it starts to obscure the field of view (because of the distance of the sensor from the back mount, I imagine it becomes obscured at some point, especially with the added Canon mount adaptor that pushes it further away).

I will have to try that. But the camera stands near the position of the film plane. You can even mount the back reversed, so that adapter gets inside and camera - even closer to the original 4x5" film plane. In general, it uses approx. the same distance that a 4x5" film is using, and this distance can be corrected with the bellows.

If the effective "format" is less than the 4x5 back b/c you do run out of real estate at the edges due to the above, I imagine there is a crop factor when using a 4x5 lens--how has that worked out? Can you use say a 135mm 4x5 lens or are you limited to wider angle lenses?

I never used a lens that will give me "less" than 4x5" projection. Maybe I got you wrong here. Of course there is a crop factor. The same crop factor allow you to do stitching (same on Fotodiox). System was designed to cover 4x5". Now you put an APS-C sensor instead. You can move either sensor, or lens to get more frames and stitch them together.

The problem with wider lenses is other way around. I can't use lenses wider than 90mm or so, because I can't focus them. I would need to get lens closer to the camera than the system allows me. (Notice please two things - 90mm on LF is wide angle if not UWA, and for the stitching, better results, because of less distortion are going to be obtained with a longer FL).

Have you ever noticed any color shift type symptoms on your NEX-7 when at the extreme ends of the shift (like people experience with wide angle rangefinder lenses on the NEX-7) as I assume you are using a traditional 4x5 film lens and not using a lens designed for a digital back?

As I said, I am not using it. I will check color shift, but I would expect some on NEX 7. The same might be true for Fotodiox, when adapter is moved to extreme positions.

Have you ever used it on an outdoor landscape and how well does a stitch come together with wind and clouds etc.?

No, never, it is too bulky. If I manage to take it out, I rather use the film. (But my last was exposed some two years ago)

How fast can you take 8 shots like this?

That will depend on the exposure time and camera quality for sure, but not much longer than with a traditional panorama head.

Finally, how do you find composing a whole photo when you only have a fractional view of the whole thing?

This is easy. You can use ground glass for composition of the whole image, than simply replace it with a SLR mount. Fotodiox do it the same way, but they put it on slider plate. On LF you can use mirror viewfinders, that will revert the image and allow viewing in a bright light. That can be a problem with Fotodiox.

As I wrote, it is not that Fotodiox adapter is bad, it is certainly welcomed addition. I just think it is overpriced. 250 USD will be more adequate IMHO.


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