How Health Care is Supposed to Work

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Re: How Health Care is Supposed to Work

Goodness, you seem a bit grumpy after a long day. Have a nightcap and chill.

Paljas wrote:

You have no right to call me a 'Pakeha' unless you are of NZ Maori decent and a citizen of my nation, try that again and I will send a complaint to the moderators.

In NZ non Maoris would refer to you as the sensitive P___ word. I get it, you have some sort of objection.

Damn right I have an objection, in the context you used it in  So tell me, why was my skin colour of any interest to you in this discussion? Why even mention it?.

No need to swear in my company.

Your assertion that " it was almost certainly intended as a racial slur." is not correct. Your skin color was of no particular interest to me in this discussion. I had no idea that this term has become sensitive. Nowhere I have read is this highlighted. I mentioned it in an attempt to sooth your aggressive attitude by trying to be empathetic with your stated country of location. I did the same earlier on by mentioning a Kakapo, being, as I understand , a New Zealand endemic with no insulting connotations. Like, say, the All Blacks.

Two observations:

  • I suspect you are trying to play a race card to your advantage because I am a South African.
  • You are snipping my posts and answering my questions selectively

A simple, polite, decent request is all that is required.

Polite is for polite people, you aren't polite.

Agree with you first statement, disagree with your second. I make an effort to be polite.

You have insulted my family, my country and me.

No I haven't. For someone who uses the word 'truth' a lot, you seem to have quite a bit of trouble finding it.

That is your opinion

Yes, I have spent a great deal of time time trying unsuccessfully to uncover the truth. You are correct, I have had a lot of trouble finding it. I have not found it.

In fact with all my pursuits I feel I have only made a little progress in the following areas:

  • There is no god
  • There is no such thing as heaven and hell
  • Death is not a scary or sentimental thing
  • Perceptions of the truth do not necessarily equate to the truth.
  • The actions of people are driven by perceptions

You have ridiculed my thoughts and beliefs that were honestly and openly presented.

I have challenged your thoughts and beliefs.

Through the means of ridicule. This is a legitimate weaponl for you to use, so I accept that

I have answered your questions and comments to my best humble ability.

Humble?? are you joking?

It felt humble but you may well be correct.

You have insulted my ability and intelligence.

I have challenged you and you are now spitting the dummy.

and you continue to insult

I never call for support from moderators. Why should I ? If you are unable to man up to an insignificant person like me then don't intrude into a conversation with snide little comments and go running to teacher when things don't go your way. Weak. I prefer to debate with strong people.

I guess you won't respond to this post then.

(Selective answer from you)

It is a preference but as you can see, I am choosing to respond. I am doing this as my perception of you may just not match the real person

If you don't feel comfortable being challenged on your beliefs on this issue, which are certainly quite extreme, then I would suggest this isn't an ideal forum to air them in.

I enjoy being challenged. I think it is a very successful process.

I am sorry if you are uncomfortable with my beliefs. I assure you that I have no agenda for converting you.

I find this forum to be a good vehicle to air my views. There are many intelligent, skilled and creative people posting. I am grateful for everything that I have been offered here.

If you know of better fora I would be grateful for a link(s)

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