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J Mankila
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Zooms can be better than primes...

lightmagic wrote:

i wish for 400/4 or even 5.6. i don't think any zoom can match prime.

Yes, they can. Take a look at the Nikkor f/2.8 primes 20 and 24, for instance, and compare the results to the 14-24 zoom. Or the AF-D 180/2.8 to the latest 70-200/2.8 zoom.

The new 80-400 zoom seems to outclass the well-known Canon L lenses 100-400 and 400/5.6 based on the manufacturers' official MTF figures. If both parties are equally honest about the figures and able to maintain similar quality of manufacturing, the Nikkor 80-400 should be clearly better than either of the Canons.

And the weight of the new zoom is quite similar to the current Nikkor300/4, which doesn't have VR, and even the dimensions are similar. So I'd say there's little room for "age-old wisdom" regarding the superiority of prime lenses.

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