Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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Re: Taddy, give it up already...

Is this all you post about? Couldn't you be marketing yourself or doing something productive to increase your business?

Look, photography isn't the only profession that see's more and more "mom's" entering into the marketing place and most professionals, if they've altered the way they market and do business from years past, continue to be quite successful.

I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, went to College for it. What you had to do back then to produce a print ad and what you have to do right now, since Adobe products and the digital age, are two totally different beasts. Most anyone has access to the tools to offer print design. People can research online and learn design theory and practice. But it hasn't taken my work away. Any company that needs effective design is looking for a strong portfolio, people with experience etc.. I highly doubt Microsoft is hiring "mom's" in their basement to produce their marketing materials.

The Food Network allows everyone to learn how to cook. High end restaurants are still busy. Chef's are likely more busier than they were before because that whole market has bloomed and blossomed. Everyone is a foodie now and everyone wants to eat at the hands of a famous chef.

My point is this. Times are changing and having access to resources and technology are at our fingertips. You can bitch and complain all you want but I guarantee you wouldn't be losing work to "mom's" if you changed your attitude and stop blaming others for your decline of sales.

Perfect example, look at Kodak. Had they hopped on the bandwagon and went cutting edge, realized that digital was the next best thing, they might be in a different situation now. But they sat on their behinds and time passed them.

I just recently opened myself to the world of selling my services in photography. I was always a hobbiest photographer shooting landscapes. Now I'm offering real estate, people and pets too.

I've learned how to shoot video with DSLR and learning how to edit. I'm getting jobs with all of this. How? I'm updating my website, blog content. Surrounding myself with social media and using it.

Guess were most of my work is coming from? Word of mouth. Each year I'm seeing an increase in photo work.

I haven't left my day job as a designer and likely won't. I honestly don't know if I want to be full time photographer. But I'm quite pleased with my second income and has put me in a whole other bracket the last two years.

Times change. People will ALWAYS need professional ANYTHING. As long as your name can be found easily, your work accessible and you put on a professional hat and deal with customers well, you won't be hurting.

Maybe you aren't losing out to "mom's", maybe the "moms" are more in tune with word of mouth, social media and other ways to market and are getting out ahead of you these days.

Well said! Great work on your site too!

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