Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: for 4x5" camera and lens owners, there is a cheaper solution...

pockets33433 wrote:

Have you ever noticed any color shift type symptoms on your NEX-7 when at the extreme ends of the shift (like people experience with wide angle rangefinder lenses on the NEX-7) as I assume you are using a traditional 4x5 film lens and not using a lens designed for a digital back?

That's my biggest question. I jury-rigged my old 5D2 to my friend's large-format bellows with a 135mm lens, and while I definitely didn't do extensive testing, shifting it too far not only vignetted (something I'd think would be far less prominent on a NEX thanks to the sensor being so close to the mount) but caused some interesting color shift and a lot of smearing. Another issue was that the lens itself wasn't sharp enough for the sensor by a long shot. I don't remember the brand but I'm pretty sure the whole rig cost him less than $150, but even a more expensive LF lens probably wouldn't be as good as most modern SLR/mirrorless glass - it doesn't have to be to do its intended job.

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