Tele Lens vs. Telephoto Lens Followup & Mirror Lenses

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Re: Questions for Kent

Hi Kent,

Thanks for that - I've learned something about mirror-tele designs.

You mentioned the term Klevtsov-Cassegrain.  Was that in response to my reference to the Katoptoron (or similar spelling)?  It must be 20 years ago, but I seem to remember that it was made by a firm called Makowski or Makovski (or similar, my apologies).   Are we talking about the same beast here?  It looked like a rectangular box, like a large biscuit tin,  with a primary lens opening at the bottom of one end and a camera stuck into the top of the other at a downward angle.  (The light path was folded inside the rectangular body.)  Is that it?  And do you know their primary purpose and what happened to them?

And do you know anything more about the Vivitar 'solid cats'?  They looked very much like the routine camera mirror telephoto design, but they were heavier.  What was their reputation at the time?  IIRC it was very good.....  But if they were so good, why weren't they made for longer? - Too costly?  Problems with the synthetic optical material?

Thanks,  Rod

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