R3000 Refillable Cartridges or CIS

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My experience so far

camerashy wrote:

I have been doing some more reading on this printer and am now a little confused as to whether I should go for refillable cartridges or a cis. Those companies offering the tubed cis say that continually removing and installing the cartridges will provide wear and tear on the cartridge seals therby reducing the cartridges life expectancy and possibly introducing air into the system.

Should I stick with my original plan of refillable cartridges.



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I probably cannot comment on the refillable carts, however I have excellent experience with inkrepublic's R3000 system and its IRK4-nano inks. It's been a while. no problem so far. I really like the tubes that can be stationed on the printer panel, it does not move at all and wont cause any tubing problem like other CIS does. In other word, it works as great (or better) as a refillable cartridges. You dont have to remove the entire carts to reset ink levels. Once you install, you dont have to touch anything on the carts. Just one button to reset ink level and refill inks from the bottle end. It just works.

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